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February 13, 2018 Ike Ah-Loe

Ike’s Tech Post: Site launched! What’s next?

The new site is launched!  I designed this site to be easy to use, with most information being available on the front page with easy links to those sections.

Stay tuned throughout the next year for new features that may include:

  • Products: In-Store Pick-up
  • Events calendar
  • Booking page integration onto main page
  • Online Videos and Classes
  • Separate Photo Gallery

Have you seen something really helpful on another salon site you think would make our site even better?

If so, send me a message at ikeahloe@gmail.com

Ike AhLoe
Salon AhLoe Art Director

PS: Do you have animation, motion graphics, photo, video, or web-design you would like done for your small business?  Get in touch with me for a consultation.