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Ike’s Techpost: Site speed, Live Chat, and More!

July 3, 2017
July 3, 2017 Ike Ah-Loe

Ike’s Techpost: Site speed, Live Chat, and More!

Here’s guest and test post as I get this site up and running. I’ve spent the last days optimizing the site to load faster. I didn’t want to switch from the square booking site at the expense of making our guests have to wait forever. The site currently load in about 3-6 seconds on average and there are still more tedious optimizations that I can make later after we launch.

Also, we now have a front desk live chat!  Any guests can chat up the front desk directly from anywhere in the website using the chat at the bottom right. This is great for customers and staff. For customers you can have chat transcripts emailed to you in case you want to archive that awesome recommendation. For Chanele at the front desk, she can better manage multiple conversations. Plus ithers like my dad (Safe),  Terra or I from can also help to answer questions or help with booking conflicts, and guests will always know who they’re taking to.

In the future, look forward to more cool features like in-store pickup, product reviews, live and online beauty classes, service+stylist booking shortcuts, and more!

Let us know any other suggestions you may have!

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